Self travel

Canoe Hire

2 Hour Hire

Spend a short time exploring the Sundays River with your friends or family.

4 Hour Hire

Our 4 hour tour gives you the opportunity to canoe up to the River Mouth and enjoy the beautiful sights of the Port Elizabeth Bay.

8 Hour Hire

A great day outing for friends and family to explore the Sundays River and spend the day picnicking on the sand dunes.

Guided tour

We offer a guided tour on our canoes on the Sundays River. Our guide will join you on your canoe trip and share great knowledge of the area.   


Experience the serene beauty of the Sundays River like never before with Sundays River Adventures’ canoe hire service. Paddle along the gentle currents of this picturesque river, surrounded by lush vegetation and the soothing sounds of nature. Whether you’re a seasoned paddler or a novice, our canoes are the perfect way to explore the tranquil waters and immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the Eastern Cape. With convenient rental options, you can embark on a solo adventure or bring along friends and family for a memorable outing. So, grab a paddle, hop into one of our canoes, and set out on a leisurely journey to discover the hidden gems of the Sundays River.

" What a fun adventure! "
Samantha Mason